V: RADIO – The Vanvitelli University Radio

V: Radio: a new University radio dedicated to students and university life, designed to create a relaxing atmosphere in the students’ recreational area, with amplification systems located in dedicated areas of the departments, with a personalized musical schedule, and, above all, with useful information and directions, communications and live events.

A system aiming to further strengthen the sense of belonging of the university community, going beyond the limits given by the physical distances separating the various departments.

Students can listen to V: Radio in all departments and in particular:

In Capua - in the department of Economics - in the area outside the Aula Magna;

In Santa Maria Capua Vetere - in the departments of Humanities and Cultural Heritage and Law- in the lobby preceding the Students’ Offices;

In Caserta: in Viale Ellittico - in the departments of Psychology and Political Science - in an outdoor space and in the area of the food and beverage dispensers; in Viale Licoln - in the departments of Mathematics and Physics and of Environmental, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies - in the external area in front of the bouvette; in Contrada San Benedetto - on the premises of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery;

In Aversa - in the School of Polytechnics and of the Basic Sciences - in the cloister of the Department of Architecture in via San Lorenzo and in the space in front of the new aulario of the Department of Engineering in via Roma; in the Aulario of the Department of Engineering in Viale Michelangelo;

In Naples - in the cloisters of the Complexes of Santa Patrizia and Sant’Andrea delle Dame - in two corners of the gardens.




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