University E-Learning System

What is it?

The University's E-Learning system supports learning through information and communication technologies.

Professors are given the opportunity to recreate a "virtual" classroom in which they can utilise numerous digital resources such as: repository and material sharing tools, discussion forums, quiz tools, chat lines, wiki, glossaries, register, surveys, task delivery, interactive SCORM lessons/courses etc.

The platform has an internal notification system via e-mail with which users are informed on new uploaded materials, chat sessions, audits and general notices.

How does it work?

To access the e-learning platform go to the page: and login (red button at the top right). You will be redirected to the appropriate Login section. Professors and students will be able to access through the credentials provided by the University by selecting the first button "Access Users/Unicampania Students ". Users will view the overview of the courses and will be able to view/manage them.





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