What is it?

The Wi-Fi service guarantees wireless connection of all the University spaces used by, to increase their sense of community and promote innovation in teaching.

The University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli has also joined the Eduroam federation (Education Roaming), students will be able to access the Eduroam federated network by using the same credentials used to access the wireless Wi-Fi network.

Users belonging to the Eduroam roaming service are able to use the local wireless network (WLAN) using their same credentials (username and password) even when they visit another institute in Italy or in the world that joins the initiative, without the need for further formalities at the host institution.


The creation of the Wi-Fi data transmission system is part of the effort that our University is developing in improving student services. All authorized subjects will be able to connect to the university data network with a wireless connection and, through their own devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc...), will be able to access the services provided by the University starting from e-mail and access to their career.

Adhesion to the EDUROAM network is a new initiative that the University made in order to share resources useful for improving life and university education with the desire to offer an innovative and functional service.

How does it work?

The Wi-Fi service has technical features that safeguard network security and user performance; recently it has been restructured and enhanced to ensure efficiency, simplification and security for students, professors and staff.

For more information

URT - Ufficio Reti e Telecomunicazioni - Network and Telecommunication Office 

Seat location: Via Roma, n. 29 - Real Casa dell'Annunziata - Aversa
phone number: + 39 081 5010455
Fax: + 39 081 5010395
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