Work Orientation, become part of the JOB365 PROJECT

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The JOB365 project orients undergraduates, recent graduates, PhD students and PhD graduates of the Vanvitelli University on the possible career opportunities in line with their study programmes.

JOB365 organises professional orientation initiatives, representing the different facets of placement, with the dual purpose of offering concrete support to students/graduates/PhD students for their professional integration and creating an effective network with companies, to expand and consolidate the placement network currently present in the University.

Among the scheduled activities: work orientation sessions, meetings on topics of "business creation", company presentations and special events such as Job Festival, a two-day event that will take place on 9-10 November for students/recent graduates and companies.



The activities planned for the JOB365 project are addressed to students, graduates and PhD students of the Vanvitelli University, the main purpose is to offer the tools to better face the entry into the world of work, and, at the same time, create an effective network with businesses.


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