Interrupting studies

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Students who do not intend to continue their studies can apply to withdraw from their studies at any time. Withdrawal is an irrevocable formal act through which students can decide to end their university career. The student withdrawing from University is not required to pay fees and contributions of which he may be in debt.

Students who intend to withdraw from their university career must complete, sign and apply a 16Euro duty stamp on a specific withdrawal form to be presented at the Student Administration Office of their Department.

Withdrawal determines the loss of the student status and extinguishes the career, without prejudice to the acquired credits.


Loss of student status

Students who do not take exams for eight consecutive academic years will lose the status of university student and will be unable to continue their University studies.



The request, duly documented, to suspend studies can be presented to the competent Student Administration Office, within the deadline for enrolment - for a maximum duration equal to the normal duration of the course of study -  to attend other university level study courses (in Italy and abroad), for serious personal, family or health reasons. To resume suspended studies, you can request reactivation. Any University Credits acquired during the suspension may be assessed, to be recognised, by the competent Student Administration Office, after consulting the Degree Course Council.



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