IRIS - Institutional Research Information System

IRIS is the IT solution that facilitates the collection and management of data relating to the activities and products of research. It provides researchers, administrators and evaluators the tools to monitor the results of the research, increase their visibility and allocate effectively the resources available.

The service can be accessed using the University's centralized authentication system credentials, i.e. the username and password used to access the online pay slip and the institutional e-mail.

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Centro Reti Sistemi e Servizi Informatici - Ufficio Sistemi e Servizi Informatizzati  - IT Networks,  Systems and Service Centre - Computerized Systems and Services Office

• Michele Testa phone number + 39.081 5667012

• Antonio Rossi phone number + 39.081 5667023

• Paolo Viglione phone number + 39.081 5667008

Centro di Servizio di Ateneo per la Ricerca - Ufficio per la ricerca di Ateneo, Nazionale e Internazionale

University Service Centre for Research - University National and International Research Office

 • Ciro Marturiello tel. 0823 274460


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