Third Mission

In addition to the two fundamental objectives of teaching and research, the Vanvitelli University promotes the so-called Third Mission, an opening towards the socio-economic context, through valorisation and knowledge transfer, contributing to the civil, social and economic development of the country and, in particular, of its own territory. (Article 1 paragraph 3 of the Statute)

The Third Mission takes shape in many ways. In particular, a distinction can be made between

  1. Third Mission enhancing research;
  2. Third Mission developing social, educational and cultural activities.

In the first case, the Third Mission aims to enhance Research, through the promotion of training activities for innovative entrepreneurship and the protection of intellectual property, the guide for the establishment of academic Spin-offs and innovative Start-ups, support for applied research through the promotion of agreements with companies, administrations and institutions.

In the second case, public goods are produced that increase the well-being of society. These assets can have social, educational, cultural or awareness content: from exhibitions, to cultural events, to conferences open to the community, society and the territory.



Technological Transfer


Valere Programme - Vanvitelli for Research



Oltre le due Culture – Dialogues beyond the two cultures

Maestri alla Reggia – Masters at the Royal Palace

Notte Europea dei Ricercatori – European Researchers’ Night

L'Università Vanvitelli@Futuro Remoto - The Vanvitelli University@Futuro Remoto

CasaCorriere alla Vanvitelli – CasaCorriere at the Vanvitelli University

MUSA - Sistema Museale di Ateneo  - University Museum of Arts and Sciences

SBA - Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo - University Library System

Concerto di Beneficenza - Charity Concert

Coro di Ateneo – University Choir

V:Orienta - manifestazione di orientamento – orientation event


The Departments carry out activities of the Third Mission and are committed to communicating and disseminating knowledge through a direct relationship with the territory and with all stakeholders.

For details on the third mission activities that take place in the Departments, consult the webpages under the "Third Mission" button in the main menu.


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